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Illustrating Do-It-Yourself Websites For Lawn Companies

Do It Yourself Websites For Lawn & Landscape Companies

Create a professional website to represent your business.

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DIY Websites For Startups

Get a professional website on a budget.

Are you a new lawn or landscape business without the budget to hire a professional web design company? If so, our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) websites can provide you with a professional looking website without breaking the bank.

You'll start with a fully populated website that is complete with photos, service pages, and content that you can use or change out to be unique to your business. We also offer a free 2-week trial so you can try it out first!

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Man working on DIY website.

DIY vs. Our Team

Here's a comparison of building a website yourself vs hiring our team.

Do It Yourself

Check mark for Upfront CostUpfront Cost
There is no upfront cost and you can try it free for two weeks with no credit card required.

Check mark for Ongoing CostOngoing Cost
The only required ongoing fee is $30 per month, no contracts or commitments.

Warning for Effort RequiredEffort Required
You are responsible for all efforts of building the website beyond the default state.

Warning for Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
The SEO on the website is minimal as they must be built to suit all businesses.

Warning for Lead Generation Lead Generation
Generic CTAs and forms included, but unique CTAs and differentiators recommended.

Warning for Pages & ContentPages & Content
Start with default pages and content. You'll need to adjust pages and create content yourself.

Warning for Imagery Imagery
You'll need to optimize your own photos or use the default photos included with the website.

Warning for Design CustomizationsDesign Customizations
Access is given to stylesheets and code to make customizations and adjustments yourself.

Check mark for Editing AbilityEditing Ability
You have full access to all parts of the websites to create new pages and edit any way you wish.

Our Team

Warning for Upfront CostsUpfront Cost
Upfront costs to hire our team will vary based on specific project requirements.

Check mark for Ongoing CostOngoing Cost
The only required ongoing fee is $30 per month, no contracts or commitments.

Check mark for Effort RequiredEffort Required
Almost no effort is required by you as our team handles 100% of everything.

Check mark for Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
Advanced SEO implemented specifically for your business, services, and targeted areas.

Check mark for Lead GenerationLead Generation
Our team places emphasis on CTAs with differentiators, like highlighting online reviews.

Check mark for Pages & ContentPages & Content
We create pages needed for results and write 100% unique, high-quality, and optimized content.

Check mark for ImageryImagery
We enhance, crop, size, compress, and optimize each image. Stock photos included if needed.

Check mark for Design CustomizationsDesign Customizations
Our team can do any kind of customizations, including complete custom layouts.

Check mark for Editing AbilityEditing Ability
After we build the website, the same access is given to you to edit the website however you wish.

Mobile friendly lawn care website design.

Smart Design

The website design and content will automatically adjust to fit the screen of any device from smart phones to smart TVs!

Admin content management system (CMS).

Admin CMS

Create unlimited pages, customize quote forms, change the imagery or anything else with the built-in content management system.

Websites hosted in the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

Every website is hosted on our load balanced server cloud with unlimited storage, unlimited traffic, and nightly backups.